Q: Give a brief picture of Everything in its Place.

A: Honest, devoted, perfectionists, creative and resourceful. Always budget minded. Our motto: “Do it right or don't do it.”

Q: Did you start your business from scratch or did you buy a business already setup? Is this your full-time job or part-time job?
What did you do prior to being a wedding coordinator?

A: I built Everything in its Place Weddings from scratch, from years of experience in the wedding planning, restaurant and hospitality industry. Wedding and event planning is my full-time job and passion. Prior to being a wedding coordinator, I assisted in events in both the non-profit and corporate sectors. This included the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, an executive consulting firm, a large high-end restaurant company, and a luxury B&B here in Northern Michigan.

Q: Will you commit to my budget and not push me in the direction of things I simply can't afford or don't want?
A: We understand that each client has a different amount they are comfortable spending on their event and we are committed to working within those financial boundaries. We will also listen to your desires and help you create an event that reflects who you are and what you need.

Q: Will you handle the invitations, from wording and ordering to the addressing and mailing?
A: We will work with you to design an invitation and select stationery that fits your personality. This includes referring a professional stationer and printer for ordering. We will recommend proper wording and etiquette. We are more than pleased to address and mail the invitations for you. This service will be billed at an hourly rate and is not included in your original quote.

Q: For the day of the wedding, will you be willing to oversee the entire event by supervising vendors, troubleshooting emergencies, and soothing nerves?
A: Absolutely! Our job is to allow you to relax, while we smooth out the wrinkles. We will function as a liaison between you and vendors and efficiently handle all the details of your day, so you can be exactly what you should be, a beautiful bride.

Q: Do you employ other people to help you plan and execute events?
A: Everything in its Place includes myself, as well as my
assistants. We will never put the success of your wedding or event in danger because of inadequate staff. The number of staff needed is based on the complexity and size of the event and will be determined ahead of time.

Q: Do you charge for an initial meeting?
A: No. Contracts are then drawn up and signed once we agree on the strategy for your wedding.

Q: Are you present at vendor meetings?  Do you come to the tastings?
A: Island weather and schedule permitting, yes, because it gives me a chance to learn more about you.  I like to observe your likes and dislikes and make note of what to achieve and what to avoid.

Q: Will you be present at my wedding rehearsal?
How many hours are you on site the day of the wedding or event?
A: Yes. All day. Whatever it takes to execute the established design plans and coordination that we discussed. The wedding must meet my personal standards of perfection. Every wedding must be one I would not only love to attend, but also one I would be delighted with if I were the bride. If I wouldn't be happy with it at my own wedding, then I won't ask you to settle for it either! I am your personal advocate.

Q: Will you set up the personal items on each of the place settings?
A: Yes. We are perfectionists and are on hand to manage
the set-up of your event. We handle all the small, pain-staking details that bring it all together in one uniformed, lovely, well thought-out event.

Q: What is the largest wedding you've managed?
A: Our largest wedding to-date had a guest count of over 400.

Q: What is your favorite thing about wedding planning?
A: The best part of my job is having a couple come to me with a vision or a “feel” for how they want their special day to unfold. I take that vision, with my design expertise and ideas, and make it a reality. There is nothing like seeing their faces when they see the church and reception for the first time. That's what it's all about - making their dreams come true! The other, seeing the face of the groom when his beautiful bride walks down the aisle. It's pure bliss!